James Stevenson

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Combinatorial organic synthesis (combinatorial chemistry or CC) and ultrahigh-throughput screening (UHTS) are speeding up drug discovery by increasing capacity for making and screening large numbers of compounds. However, a key problem is to select the smaller set of "representative" compounds from a virtual library to make or screen. Our approach is to(More)
A complete tool chain starting with stereo photogrammetry based digitization of artefacts, their refinement, collection and management with other multimedia data, and visualization using virtual and augmented reality is presented. Our system provides a one-stop-solution for museums to create, manage and present both content and context for virtual(More)
A new approach to image retrieval is presented in the domain of museum and gallery image collections. Specialist algorithms, developed to address specific retrieval tasks, are combined with more conventional content and metadata retrieval approaches, and implemented within a distributed architecture to provide cross-collection searching and navigation in a(More)
The paper describes the prototype design and development of a multimedia system for museums and galleries. Key elements in the system are the introduction of 3-D models of museum artefacts together with 3-D as well as 2-D content based retrieval and navigation facilities and the development of a semantic layer, centred on an ontology for museums, which aims(More)
The paper describes work which is part of the Artiste project to develop a distributed database of Art Images from four niajor European art galleries. One aspect of the project involves the developnient of content-based retrieval and navigation facilities. A particular objective is to provide a facility for retrieving an image from the collection or(More)
SCULPTEUR is an EU/IST funded collaborative research project concerned with the application of knowledge and semantic web technologies to the problem of multimedia information management in the cultural heritage domain. An important aspect of the project is the development of a semantic layer centred on an ontological representation of the domain which(More)
Many UK museums are developing their expertise in the creation of 3D models of objects in their collection. To-date, these authentic, high-quality models have not been made available to the digital creative industries, who instead have relied on manually created models that cannot be relied on to be accurate. This paper introduces ICON, a cross-sector(More)
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