James Stanier

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Green Technology computing, information, data, and communications services to many DoE projects. LBL also helps to manage the Joint Genome Institute—a key contributor to the Human Genome Project. LBL(More)
E-Shopping in academia. It was good to realize this early on in my Ph.D. so that I could start focusing on acquiring skills and experiences that are valued by industry. Secondly, my contact with IBM(More)
Turing’s Bombe mechanical machine that could find settings for the Enigma machine. Turing was thought to be a bit eccentric at Bletchley Park. In Ronald Lewin’s Ultra Goes to War: The Secret Story(More)
MRI Scanners PeoPLe During my internship I worked with many talented and like-minded colleagues. I had a pleasant experience with the lab director, Francis Lee, and my mentor, Yan Shixing. There was(More)