James Stanier

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Networking research often relies on simulation in order to test and evaluate new ideas. An important requirement of this process is that results must be reproducible so that other researchers can replicate, validate, and extend existing work. We look at the landscape of simulators for research in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks by conducting a survey of a(More)
Compilers commonly translate an input program into an intermediate representation (IR) before optimizing it and generating code. Over time there have been a number of different approaches to designing and implementing IRs. Different IRs have varying benefits and drawbacks. In this survey, we highlight key developments in the area of IR for imperative(More)
Trust models have been used widely in the literature in a number of different contexts. We examine an emotive scenario where trust would be extremely useful: online dating. We explore the use of a semiring-based trust model with online dating in a social network. Introductions are facilitated by friend-of-a-friend connections in the network in a manner(More)
mechanical machine that could find settings for the Enigma machine. Turing was thought to be a bit eccentric at Bletchley Park. In Ronald Lewin's Ultra Goes to War: The Secret Story Jack Good, a cryptanalyst who worked with Turing, had this to say about the " Father of Computer Science " : " In the first week of June each year he would get a bad attack of(More)
computing, information, data, and communications services to many DoE projects. LBL also helps to manage the Joint Genome Institute—a key contributor to the Human Genome Project. LBL scientists have been involved in many important discoveries. Researchers have identified 16 of the elements on the periodic table, including technetium-99m, which(More)
clients. I was particularly interested in learning more about the collaboration between the research groups and other departments at Accenture. SocIal acTIvITIeS Interns are included in all the social activities offered to employees, such as game night, barbeques, playing ping-pong, trips to the Six Flags Great Amer-ica theme park, night cruises on Lake(More)
PeoPLe During my internship I worked with many talented and like-minded colleagues. I had a pleasant experience with the lab director, Francis Lee, and my mentor, Yan Shixing. There was no bureaucracy standing between us. They were always reachable and never tired of answering my questions. Even though the lab is still growing, it has already acquired a(More)