James Spencer

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The khmer package is a freely available software library for working efficiently with fixed length DNA words, or k-mers. khmer provides implementations of a probabilistic k-mer counting data structure, a compressible De Bruijn graph representation, De Bruijn graph partitioning, and digital normalization. khmer is implemented in C++ and Python, and is freely(More)
As energies have increased exponentially with time so have the size and complexity of accelerators and control systems. NN may offer the kinds of improvements in computation and control that are needed to maintain acceptable functionality. For control their associative characteristics could provide signal conversion or data translation. Because they can do(More)
When planning an SDH network, explicit structure, such as rings or a network hierarchy, is often imposed to allow for easier network protection and management. Decisions on node connectivity are also heavily dependent on available transmission capacity and network geography, as well as the demands placed on the SDH transport layer. The strictly imposed(More)
This article discusses traffic engineering with multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) in an Internet service provider's network. We first review MPLS, constraint-based routing, and enhanced link state interior gateway protocols to provide a background..... Summary: Multiprotocol label switching adds to the capabilities of IP networks in several ways. Despite(More)
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