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This article describes the legislative history of the Social Security Amendments of 1977 and contains a summary of the amendments. The major provisions revise the benefit structure so that future replacement rates--initial benefits as a percent of previous earnings--will be relatively stable and revise the tax structure to restore the financial soundness of(More)
Applications executing on a hypervisor or in a container experience a lack of performance isolation from other services executing on shared resources. Latency-sensitive applications executing in the cloud therefore have highly-variable response times, yet attributing the additional latency caused by virtualization overheads on individual requests is an(More)
Fully autonomous hobbyist drones are typically controlled using bespoke microcontrollers, or general purpose low-level controllers such as the Arduino[1]. However, these devices only have limited compute power and sensing capabilities, and do not easily provide cellular connectivity options. We present <i>Captain Buzz</i>, an Android smartphone app capable(More)
Existing operating systems share a common kernel text section amongst all processes. It is not possible to perform kernel specialization or tuning such that different applications execute text optimized for their kernel use despite the benefits of kernel specialization for performance guided optimization, exokernels, kernel fastpaths, and cheaper hardware(More)
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