James Simon Campbell Arthur

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Activation of the p38 MAP kinase pathways is crucial for the adaptation of mammalian cells to changes in the osmolarity of the environment. Here we identify SAP97/hDlg, the mammalian homologue of the Drosophila tumour suppressor Dlg, as a physiological substrate for the p38gamma MAP kinase (SAPK3/p38gamma) isoform. SAP97/hDlg is a scaffold protein that(More)
Immediate early gene (IEG) expression is coordinated by multiple MAP kinase signaling pathways in a signal specific manner. Stress-activated p38α MAP kinase is implicated in transcriptional regulation of IEGs via MSK-mediated CREB phosphorylation. The protein kinases downstream to p38, MAPKAP kinase (MK) 2 and MK3 have been identified to regulate gene(More)
Nur77 is a nuclear orphan receptor that has been implicated in both cell survival and apoptosis. With the exception of T-cells, translocation of Nur77 to the cytoplasm promotes cell death, while its retention in the nucleus promotes survival and proliferation. Nur77 appears to be a true orphan receptor, indicating that its activity must be controlled by(More)
Mitogen- and stress-activated kinases (MSK) 1 and 2 are nuclear proteins activated downstream of the ERK1/2 or p38 MAPK pathways. MSKs phosphorylate multiple substrates, including CREB and Histone H3, and their major role is the regulation of specific subsets of Immediate Early genes (IEG). While MSKs are expressed in multiple tissues, their levels are high(More)
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