James Shue-Min Yeh

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BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE As prior studies analysed predictive factors for various post-laminectomy spinal deformities in mixed spinal regions, age groups or pathologies, their validity and conclusions were unclear. The objective of this study was to determine predictive factors for worsened cervical or thoracic spinal sagittal alignment following laminectomy or(More)
The potential to use Schwann cells (SCs) in neural repair for patients suffering from neurotrauma and neurodegenerative diseases is well recognized. However, significant cell death after transplantation hinders the clinical translation of SC-based therapies. Various factors may contribute to the death of transplanted cells. It is known that prolonged(More)
BACKGROUND Professional societies use metrics to evaluate medical schools' policies regarding interactions of students and faculty with the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We compared these metrics and determined which US medical schools' industry interaction policies were associated with student behaviors. METHODS AND FINDINGS Using survey(More)
The neuropoietic cytokines and their cytoplasmic signaling molecules contribute to axotomy-induced events in the nerve cell body that are beneficial to axonal regeneration. Previous studies have revealed a paradox in that, in vivo, suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS3) is induced in axotomized primary sensory neurons which are in a growth mode but, in(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether not shaving hair in neurosurgical operations carries an increased infection rate. METHODS Taking advantage of different practices among neurosurgeons in a single institution, we embarked upon a prospective non-randomised study of 100 consecutive neurosurgical procedures involving 90 paediatric patients aged 7 days to 16.8(More)
RATIONALE Microbubbles conjugated with targeting ligands are used as contrast agents for ultrasound molecular imaging. However, they often contain immunogenic (strept)avidin, which impedes application in humans. Although targeting bubbles not employing the biotin-(strept)avidin conjugation chemistry have been explored, only a few reached the stage of(More)
Promotion of medical products by manufacturers to physicians in the US has been widespread for over a century [1], and in its traditional form includes strategies such as direct detailing visits (in-person product promotion by a pharmaceutical representative), sponsorship of Continuing Medical Education programs, gifts or other inducements, and free samples(More)
Phenytoin is often used to prevent postcraniotomy seizures, but is not always effective. We investigate changes in plasma phenytoin level ([phenytoin]) following craniotomy. The [phenytoin] in 28 patients who were receiving phenytoin (oral/ intravenous) and undergoing a craniotomy were prospectively measured 24 h preoperatively, immediately pre- and(More)