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— This paper discusses methods for assigning code-words for the purpose of fingerprinting digital data, e.g., software, documents, music, and video. Fingerprinting consists of uniquely marking and registering each copy of the data. This marking allows a distributor to detect any unauthorized copy and trace it back to the user. This threat of detection will(More)
We present a corpus-based study of the sequential ordering among premodifiers in noun phrases. This information is important for the fluency of generated text in practical applications. We propose and evaluate three approaches to identify sequential order among pre-modifiers: direct evidence, transitive closure, and clustering. Our implemented system can(More)
INTRODUCTION Many patients who suffer cardiac arrest do not respond to standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation. There is growing interest in utilizing veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation assisted cardiopulmonary resuscitation (E-CPR) in the management of refractory cardiac arrest. We describe our preliminary experiences in establishing an E-CPR(More)
The progression from cardiac injury to symptomatic heart failure has been intensely studied over the last decade, and is largely attributable to a loss of functional cardiac myocytes through necrosis, intrinsic and extrinsic apoptosis pathways and autophagy. Therefore, the molecular regulation of these cellular programs has been rigorously investigated in(More)
Creating high-quality multimedia presentations requires much skill, time, and effort. This is particularly true when temporal media, such as speech and animation, are involved. We describe the design and implementation of a knowledge-based system that generates customized temporal multimedia presentations. We provide an overview of the system's architecture(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS To investigate the association between vitamin D levels, angiographic severity of coronary artery disease, arterial stiffness and degree of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) as assessed by ankle brachial index (ABI). METHODS AND RESULTS 375 patients undergoing coronary angiography from November 2012 to September 2013 were recruited.(More)
This paper identifies issues for language generation that arose in developing a multimedia interface to healthcare data that includes coordinated speech, text and graphics. In order to produce brief speech for time-pressured caregivers, the system both combines related information into a single sentence and uses abbreviated references in speech when an(More)
Aggregating different pieces of similar information is necessary to generate concise and easy to understand reports in technical domains. This paper presents a general algorithm that combines similar messages in order to generate one or more coherent sentences for them. The process is not as trivial as might be expected. Problems encountered are briefly(More)
We present a study of the information transferred among caregivers in the context of cardiac surgery and use the study to evaluate a system, MAGIC, that we are developing for automated generation of briefings. Our framework integrates cognitive and quantitative evaluation methods and features three standards that reflect current practice in the(More)