James Shanahan

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Mutations in the X-encoded gene ATRX are known to give rise to profound syndromal mental retardation (MR). Here, we describe a pedigree, including 4 affected family members with a 324C-->T nonsense mutation in the ATRX gene. Although 2 patients have moderate to profound MR and the typical facial features of ATR-X syndrome, the other 2 patients presented(More)
BACKGROUND Pneumonia, diarrhea and measles are the leading causes of death in children worldwide, but have a disproportionately low share of international funding and media attention. In comparison, AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria--diseases that also significantly affect children--receive considerably more funding and have relatively high media coverage.(More)
Over the past 18 years online advertising has grown to a $70 billion industry worldwide annually. Despite this impressive growth, online advertising faces many (and some would say traditional) challenges including how to measure the efficiency or the potential loss of sales caused by the inefficient use of advertising dollars. Consequently, it is vital to(More)
The Foot Posture Index (FPI-6) is a reliable (experienced examiners) assessment tool used in clinical practice to classify foot posture. No work has been completed to determine the reliability of the FPI-6 between novice examiners. Therefore, the aim was to determine the inter-examiner reliability of the FPI-6 using two novice examiners (graduate level(More)
Local search engines allow users to search for entities such as businesses in a particular geographic location. To improve the geographic relevance of search, user feedback data such as logged click locations are traditionally used. In this paper, we use anonymized mobile call log data as an alternate source of data and investigate its relevance to local(More)
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