James Seaton

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Professional autonomy continues to be an issue of major concern for practicing audiologists. Members of the Educational Audiology Association completed a written survey covering the amount of independence and authority they experience when employed in an educational setting. Four areas were explored: scope of practice; referral procedures; assessment and(More)
3 ABSTRACT This paper investigates the dividend decisions of firms in the UK reporting losses after sustained periods of profitability. It is found that loss-making firms are more likely to reduce dividends compared to firms that remain profitable, although a loss is far from a guarantee that the dividend payment will be reduced. A lower propensity to(More)
Equity markets are frequently valued on the basis of the relative yields of stocks and bonds. The most widely known of these comparisons is the Fed model. We extend previous research by examining the performance of this metric across six international markets and also relative to more traditional valuation measures such as earnings and dividend yields. We(More)
Recent US evidence has shown that, contrary to popular wisdom, the greater the proportion of earnings paid out as dividends, the greater the subsequent real earnings growth. We extend previous work by examining whether a similar relationship exists in eleven international markets as well as considering the role payout ratio plays in explaining future real(More)
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