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In this thesis, we provide an initial investigation into bounds for topological entropy of switched linear systems. Entropy measures, roughly, the information needed to describe the behavior of a system with finite precision on finite time horizons, in the limit. After working out entropy computations in detail for the scalar switched case, we review the(More)
%rpare To measure the misalignment between the comeal and crystalline lens axes relative to the visual axis. To evaluate experimental errors involved in the Purkinje I and IV Reflection Pattern Evaluation technique for the assessment of eye rotations in strabismus detection. M&&&2& Pilot measurements were made in five cyclopeged eyes (one eye per subject)(More)
Emile Durkheim opened his Latin thesis with an observation worth remembering when reflecting on how the social sciences have defined their boundaries. A discipline may be called a science only if it has a definite field to explore. Science is concerned with things, realities. If it does not have definite material to describe and interpret, it exists in a(More)
Near the beginning of his History of Frederick the Great, Thomas Carlyle shifts his focus from the infant Frederick – who " lies in his cradle back in Berlin, sleeping most of the time " and is thus an unrewarding object for the narrator's gaze – and turns to Hanover where a " rather disappointing " avenue stretches from the " Town Palace to the country(More)
State estimation in electric power grids – meeting new challenges presented by the requirements of the future grid, " IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, September 2012.man, " Characterization of OFDM radio link under PLL-based oscillator phase noise and multipath fading channel, " IEEE Transactions on Communications, (Accepted), January 2012. Adaptive(More)
u To study the cytoskeleral elements and the presence of macrophages and the cell-adhesion related HNK-1 epitope in secondary cataracts after extracapsular cataract extraction and IOL implantation. &&Q& Twenty-five formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded pseudophakic human eyes obtained at autopsy were studied with 7 monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) to vunentm,(More)
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