James Schafer

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Diffusion weighting (DW) represents a magnetic resonance imaging contrast distinct from T1 and T2 in terms of imaging physics and its relationship to underlying physiology and pathophysiology. DW imaging has become a sine qua non of neuroimaging because of its exquisite sensitivity to the molecular motion of water that is altered in many pathologic(More)
This paper describes the verification methods and techniques that were established to verify the microarchitecture and architectural correctness of the z990 microprocessor and storage subsystem. The ring-based, four-book storage subsystem links 64 superscalar microprocessors together in this system. The verification process started at the unit level, which(More)
Preface In 1999 the Minnesota Interagency Task Force on Living Snow Fences published a technical guide called Catching the Snow With Living Snow Fences. That guide presents the most up-to-date information available anywhere in the country on designing successful living snow fences (LSFs). To purchase a copy of Catching the Snow With Living Snow Fences,(More)
Let M be a compact, connected and simply-connected Riemannian manifold, and suppose that G is a compact, connected Lie group acting on M by isometries. The dimension of the space of orbits is called the cohomogeneity of the action. If the direct sum of the higher homotopy groups of M , tensored with the field of rational numbers, is a finite-dimensional(More)
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