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With the increased freedom in layout selection possible when designing an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) concept (compared, for example, to the relatively constrained and mature world of commercial airliner design), comes the significant challenge of building a geometry engine that will provide the variety of airframe models demanded by the highly global nature(More)
The first tool presented in this paper is a generic factory cost model that can estimate various costs at multiple levels of any manufacturing plant. The model is activity-based which means that the cost of each manufacturing operation is calculated and then summed up so that the true £-per-hour factory cost rate as well as the exact unit cost (i.e.(More)
Female-headed families comprise a larger proportion of the poor than they did the preceding year; the observer concludes that female-headed families are worse off. Blacks consistently make up the overwhelming majority of freshmen disqualified from participation in intercollegiate athletics by Proposition 48, the academic requirement introduced by the(More)
In this paper, we take a design-led perspective on the use of computational tools in the aerospace sector. We briefly review the current state-of-the-art in design search and optimization (DSO) as applied to problems from aerospace engineering, focusing on those problems that make heavy use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This ranges over issues of(More)
The majority of research into full-sized helicopter overlapping propulsion systems involves co-axial setups (fully overlapped). Partially overlapping rotor setups (tandem, multirotor) have received less attention, and empirical data produced over the years is limited. The increase in demand for compact small unmanned aircraft has exposed the need for(More)
This paper presents a study that numerically investigated which cruise speed the next generation of short-haul aircraft with 150 seats should y at and whether a conventional two-or three-shaft turbofan, a geared turbofan, a turboprop, or an open rotor should be employed in order to make the aircraft's direct operating cost robust to uncertain fuel and(More)
In an article in the January/February 2000 issue of Society titled " Race and Mortality, " I explained the statistical pattern, inherent in other than highly irregular risk distributions , whereby the rarer an outcome, the greater tends to be the relative (percentage) difference between the rates at which advantaged and disadvantaged groups experience the(More)
This paper describes the design of the " Spotter " unmanned aerial vehicle, developed by the University of Southampton as part of the 2SEAS-3i European Interreg project. Spotter is a twin engine, 4m wing span, fixed-wing aircraft which has been designed to perform long-endurance, all-weather patrol missions in coastal and maritime environments. Reliability(More)
Product complexity in the aerospace industry has grown fast while design procedures and techniques did not keep pace. Product life cycle implications are largely neglected during the early design phase. Also, aerospace designers fail to optimize products for the intended operational environment. This study shows how a design, simulated within its(More)