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Natal dispersal is an important life history trait driving variation in individual fitness, and therefore, a proper understanding of the factors underlying dispersal behaviour is critical to many fields including population dynamics, behavioural ecology and conservation biology. However, individual dispersal patterns remain difficult to quantify despite(More)
Providing food to developing offspring is beneficial for offspring but costly for carers. Understanding patterns of provisioning thus yields important insights into how selection shapes (allo-) parental care strategies. Broadly, offspring development will be influenced by three components of provisioning (prey type, size and delivery rate). However, all(More)
The ability to generate new meaning by rearranging combinations of meaningless sounds is a fundamental component of language. Although animal vocalizations often comprise combinations of meaningless acoustic elements, evidence that rearranging such combinations generates functionally distinct meaning is lacking. Here, we provide evidence for this basic(More)
In any system where multiple individuals jointly contribute to rearing offspring, conflict is expected to arise over the relative contributions of each carer. Existing theoretical work on the conflict over care has: (a) rarely considered the influence of tactical investment during offspring production on later contributions to offspring rearing; (b)(More)
An integrated balloon ultrasound catheter prototype was designed to image from inside the balloon for real-time guidance during stent deployment. It was fabricated using a semicompliant balloon material (polyethylene) and a 20 MHz, 64-element circumferential ultrasound array. A commercial stent, nominally 4.4 mm in diameter and 12 mm in length, was used for(More)
Keywords: Acanthisitta chloris cooperative breeding negotiation parental care repeatability rifleman Parental care strategies occupy a continuum from fixed investments that are consistent across contexts to flexible behaviour that largely depends on external social and environmental cues. Determining the flexibility of care behaviour is important, as it(More)
The creation of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) in Europe challenges much of what we ha ve come to take for granted about states and the components of sovereignty. What does the willingness of twelve European Union (EU) members to abandon their own currencies mean for the nation-states of Europe? Does the Euro automatically imply further political(More)
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