James Savage

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Providing food to developing offspring is beneficial for offspring but costly for carers. Understanding patterns of provisioning thus yields important insights into how selection shapes (allo-) parental care strategies. Broadly, offspring development will be influenced by three components of provisioning (prey type, size and delivery rate). However, all(More)
The ability to generate new meaning by rearranging combinations of meaningless sounds is a fundamental component of language. Although animal vocalizations often comprise combinations of meaningless acoustic elements, evidence that rearranging such combinations generates functionally distinct meaning is lacking. Here, we provide evidence for this basic(More)
In any system where multiple individuals jointly contribute to rearing offspring, conflict is expected to arise over the relative contributions of each carer. Existing theoretical work on the conflict over care has: (a) rarely considered the influence of tactical investment during offspring production on later contributions to offspring rearing; (b)(More)
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