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BACKGROUND Death during international travel concerns several levels of the travel industry. In addition to the immediate effects for the traveler, their family and friends, the nature of travel-related mortality has important implications for pretravel health advisors and providers of medical care services. METHODS The Consular Affairs Bureau, Foreign(More)
Although a considerable amount is known about the ageing process, very little is known about the consumer needs of elderly people with special needs. On the whole a large proportion make do with 'ordinary' products to the best of their ability. The Special Needs Research Unit's extensive experience of evaluating such products highlights the fact the access(More)
Systematic published reviews of national arrests of travellers abroad are rare. The pattern of arrest during international travel has implications for travellers and those involved in providing traveller services. There are also consequences for travellers who are arrested and detained abroad. The Consular Affairs Bureau, Foreign Affairs Canada assists(More)
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