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Obesity is rising in the obstetric population, yet there is an absence of services and guidance for the management of maternal obesity. This systematic review aimed to investigate relationships between obesity and impact on obstetric care. Literature was systematically searched for cohort studies of pregnant women with anthropometric measurements recorded(More)
We present measurements of biomolecular binding reactions, using a new type of integrated-optical biosensor based on a planar directional coupler structure. The device is fabricated by Ag(+) - Na(+) ion exchange in glass, and definition of the sensing region is achieved by use of transparent fluoropolymer isolation layers formed by thermal evaporation. The(More)
By sequentially pushing micro-beads towards and away from a sensing surface, we show that ultrasonic radiation forces can be used to enhance the interaction between a functionalised glass surface and polystyrene micro-beads, and identify those that bind to the surface by illuminating bound beads using an evanescent field generated by guided light. The(More)
The covalent attachment of DNA oligonucleotides onto crystalline silicon (100) surfaces, in patterns with submicron features, in a straightforward, two-step process is presented. UV light exposure of a hydrogen-terminated silicon (100) surface coated with alkenes functionalized with N-hydroxysuccinimide ester groups resulted in the covalent attachment of(More)
We describe the fabrication and characterisation of gold-coated graded index channel waveguide sensors designed for simultaneous electrochemical and surface plasmon resonance studies. The active sensing electrode area is a thin gold film between 0.5 and 5 mm in length and 200 microm wide deposited on top of a 3 microm wide waveguide which forms one arm of a(More)
Relief Bragg grating reflectors inscribed on channel waveguides may be used in optical communications as add-drop wavelength multiplexers, gain-flattening filters, distributed feedback laser mirrors, or in sensing technology as high sensitivity devices for precise monitoring of chemical or biomedical processes. We present strong Bragg grating reflectors in(More)
The velocity distributions of 250nm diameter gold nanospheres trapped in the evanescent fields of optical waveguides are studied. The automated analysis of a large number of particles and temporal frames is described. It is used to show that the envelope of the particles' speed follows the mode intensity profile of the evanescent field along a length of the(More)
Developments in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are strongly focused on minimizing the power requirements of sensor nodes. As sensors with significantly large resource requirements are introduced into WSN systems, algorithms must be developed to maximise the information returned per sensor reading. The integration of " lab on a chip " sensors into WSNs(More)
Low-cost, compact, automated optical microsystems for chemical analysis, such as microflow cytometers for identification of individual biological cells, require monolithically integrated microlenses for focusing in microfluidic channels, to enable high-resolution scattering and fluorescence measurements. The multimode interference device (MMI), which makes(More)