James S. West

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The authors report the results of a survey examining corporate donation behavior relative to the health care industry. The findings suggest that, despite the poor economic conditions of recent years, companies have continued to make substantial contributions--particularly to the health care industry--and that the single most identifiable factor influencing(More)
An analysis of the interplay between public opinion and public policy in terms of HIV infection yielded a four-stage framework for considering the development of public policy in relation to a highly charged issue. The phases are denial, irrationality, acceptance, and the development of a rational response. As we move into Phase 4 in relation to HIV(More)
This study demonstrates the value of employing a TQM perspective in institutions of higher education. Using data collected from a Mid-Atlantic university, Importance-Performance Analysis and Intra-Organizational Impact Analysis are introduced. An integration of the results of the two analyses identifies those areas within the university where cooperative(More)
As new nurses move from the familiar educational milieu into a work situation they encounter barriers to caring for patients and their families. The characteristics of the contemporary work environment, paired with the competencies of the new graduates, have the potential to threaten the ability of these nurses to provide safe and effective care for(More)
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