James S. Vickers

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A grating interferometer that uses all-reflecting optical components has been developed for operation in the extreme and far UV. The instrument uses a V-groove, ruled grating as its beam splitter and has no moving parts. A self-compensating optical design is employed that makes it tolerant to small misadjustments of optical alignments and convenient for(More)
We describe the system of Tomographic Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) SpectrographS (TESS) that are the primary instruments for the Tomographic Experiment using Radiative Recombinative Ionospheric EUV and Radio Sources (TERRIERS) satellite. The spectrographs were designed to make high-sensitivity {80 counts/s)/Rayleigh [one Rayleigh is equivalent to 10(6)(More)
Monitoring and controlling cross-wafer and in-die variability have been recognized as the dominant and escalating factors for the successful commercialization of modern-day integrated circuit products utilizing advanced semiconductor manufacturing. In this paper we present a performance based metrology (PBM) and measurement technology to further close the(More)
We are currently developing an instrument free from optical components to measure the full-disk solar spectrum in the extreme ultraviolet regime covering wavelengths from 75-400 A. The instrument consists of a windowless noble gas ionization cell followed by a toroidal electrostatic analyzer to spatially disperse photoelectrons as a function of their(More)
We report on the first non-contact, non-destructive performance measurements of embedded Ring Oscillators. Measurements are made on inside the die active area as early as Metal 1. A 90nm logic CMOS technology was used for this work. We have measured residual acrossfield performance variation separate from and of opposite sense to wafer uniformity. This(More)
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