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OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of a 20-week endurance training program in healthy, previously sedentary participants on measures derived from an intravenous glucose tolerance test (i.v.GTT). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS An i.v.GTT was performed before and after a standardized training program in 316 women and 280 men (173 blacks and 423 whites).(More)
CONTEXT Low levels of cardiorespiratory fitness are associated with high risk of mortality, and improvements in fitness are associated with reduced mortality risk. However, a poor understanding of the physical activity-fitness dose response relation remains. OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of 50%, 100%, and 150% of the NIH Consensus Development Panel(More)
It has been suggested that genetic variation in the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) gene is associated with physical performance. We studied the association between the ACE insertion (I)/deletion (D) polymorphism and several fitness phenotypes measured before and after 20 wk of a standardized endurance training program in sedentary Caucasian (n = 476)(More)
Since body balance and weight-bearing factors present while running on the treadmill might cause additional muscle recruitment and thus could influence the force-velocity relationship and power, the present study was undertaken to find out whether the F-V and F-P relationships measured while running on the treadmill are different from the respective indices(More)
This study investigates the familial resemblance of maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) based on data from 86 nuclear families of Caucasian descent participating in the HERITAGE Family Study. In the current study, VO2max was measured twice on a cycle ergometer in 429 sedentary individuals (170 parents and 259 of their offspring), aged between 16 and 65 yr. The(More)
The HERITAGE family study (HEalth, RIsk factors, exercise Training And GEnetics) will document the role of the genotype in the cardiovascular, metabolic, and hormonal responses to aerobic exercise training. A consortium of five universities in the United States and Canada are involved in carrying out the study. A total of 90 Caucasian families and 40(More)
OBJECTIVE Associations between preproghrelin DNA variants and obesity-related phenotypes were studied in 3004 subjects from the Québec Family Study (QFS), the HERITAGE Family Study (HERITAGE), and the Swedish Obese Subjects (SOS) Study. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES Body mass index (BMI), fat mass (FM) from underwater weighing, and abdominal fat from(More)
We studied the effects of 20 weeks of supervised cycle-ergometer exercise on plasma lipids in 675 healthy, sedentary, normolipidemic white and black men and women aged 17 to 65 years, participating in the HERITAGE Family Study. Fasting plasma lipids were assessed twice at baseline and 24 and 72 hours after the last exercise session and adjusted for plasma(More)