James S. Rankin

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Structured light is one of the well-known methods in part dimensional inspection that have been successfully employed in various applications in the past decades. In this method, the positioning of the camera is very critical, which aaects the accuracy and eeciency of the whole inspection system. Here we develop a CAD-guided camera positioning system to aid(More)
INTRODUCTION Ischemic mitral regurgitation can be defined as moderate to severe mitral leak precipitated by acute myocardial infarction. Valve repair is now the procedure of choice, but some cases can pose difficult anatomy. This review will illustrate current techniques for repairing complex ischemic mitral regurgitation. METHODS Most patients with(More)
Surgical coronary bypass has evolved continually, and recent developments favor performing coronary grafts with all-arterial conduits in order to obtain better long-term graft patencies. With bilateral internal mammary artery grafts and both radial arteries, four excellent arterial conduits exist for revascularization of the majority of multivessel disease(More)
Reparative procedures have become the mainstay of mitral valve surgery, increasing to 70% of all isolated mitral valve operations in North America in recent years (1). As compared to prosthetic replacement, valve repair is associated with a lower operative mortality , better durability, and improved long-term survival (2-5). Upon examining simultaneous(More)
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