James S. Parascandolo

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Malonyl carba(dethia) N-decanoyl cysteamine methyl esters and novel acetoxymethyl esters were utilised as second-generation probes for polyketide intermediate capture. The use of these tools in vivo led to the characterisation of an almost complete set of biosynthetic intermediates from a modular assembly line, providing a first kinetic overview of(More)
Synthetic chain terminators were used to capture the biosynthetic intermediates from a partially reducing iterative type I polyketide synthase, which is integrated into a multimodular biosynthesis enzyme. The off-loaded metabolites clarified the timing of ketoreduction and aromatization in the assembly of the antibiotic micacocidin.
Chemical probes capable of reacting with KS (ketosynthase)-bound biosynthetic intermediates were utilized for the investigation of the model type I iterative polyketide synthase 6-methylsalicylic acid synthase (6-MSAS) in vivo and in vitro. From the fermentation of fungal and bacterial 6-MSAS hosts in the presence of chain termination probes, a full range(More)
Early-stage intermediates in the biosynthesis of erythromycin A by Saccharopolyspora erythraea were intercepted by malonyl carba(dethia)-N-acetyl cysteamines, generated in vivo from the hydrolysis of the corresponding methyl esters.
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