James S. Noble

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This study consisted of 26 male patients with distal biceps tendon ruptures, 2 of whom had bilateral injuries, making the total number of ruptures 28. The average age at injury was 45 years. The treatment groups were the following: 3 were treated without surgery, 4 were repaired with brachialis tenodesis, and 21 were reattached to the radial tuberosity by(More)
Forty-eight patients with severely displaced proximal humeral epiphyseal fractures were reviewed. Twenty-one patients were followed up for an average of 9 years after injury with a personal interview, examination, and radiographs. Average age was 14.1 years, half of whom were age 15 years or older. Initial head-shaft displacement averaged 80%, and 31(More)
This paper presents a mathematical model and simulated annealing heuristics for assigning activities to workspaces and resources (e.g., equipment, parts, and toolboxes) to work/storage spaces during planned outages at electric power plants. These assignments are made such that the distance resources (toolboxes) travel throughout the duration of the outage(More)
From a historical perspective, shoulder arthroplasty has evolved significantly from its inception. Much like arthroplasty of the lower extremities, shoulder implant design had its roots in a constrained device. Unfortunately, the inherently high loads that these devices generated across the implant articulation and the glenoid bone interface resulted in an(More)
A three-tier logistics/production model is developed that addresses the integration of suppliers, manufacturers and distribution. The model can be applied at either micro (within facility) or macro (between facilities) levels. The multi-echelon problem is formulated to minimize overall inventory and setup cost. A simulated annealing based heuristic is(More)
At The Boeing Company, stock levels for maintenance spares with substantial lead times must be established before fielding new aircraft designs. Initial calculations use mean time between demand estimates developed by the engineering department. After sufficient operating hours, stock levels are recalculated using statistical forecasts of maintenance(More)
Fortunately, posterior instability of the shoulder is a relatively uncommon occurrence in the athlete. Acute traumatic posterior dislocations can be readily managed by conservative measures. Recurrent posterior subluxation, however, represents a more challenging problem for the orthopedic surgeon. As has been discussed, most patients with this disorder(More)
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