James S. McGinley

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PURPOSE To examine disparities between sexual minority youth (SMY) and heterosexual youth in rates of suicidality and depression symptoms. METHODS Separate meta-analyses were conducted to examine suicidality and depression disparities. Studies were included if the average age of the participants was <18 years, and if suicidality or depression symptoms(More)
Integrative data analysis (IDA) is a methodological framework that allows for the fitting of models to data that have been pooled across two or more independent sources. IDA offers many potential advantages including increased statistical power, greater subject heterogeneity, higher observed frequencies of low base-rate behaviors, and longer developmental(More)
OBJECTIVE Although recent statistical and computational developments allow for the empirical testing of psychological theories in ways not previously possible, one particularly vexing challenge remains: how to optimally model the prospective, reciprocal relations between 2 constructs as they developmentally unfold over time. Several analytic methods(More)
Although children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are at risk for impulsive, health-endangering behavior, few studies have examined nonsubstance, use-related risk-taking behaviors. This study examined whether adolescents and young adults with ADHD histories were more likely than those without ADHD histories to report frequent engagement(More)
Social and behavioral scientists often measure constructs that are truly discrete counts by collapsing (or binning) the counts into a smaller number of ordinal responses. While prior quantitative research has identified a series of concerns with similar binning procedures, there has been a lack of study on the consequences of multiplying these ordinal items(More)
One of the most vexing challenges that has faced the behavioral sciences over the past century has been how to optimally measure, summarize, and predict individual variability in stability and change over time. It has long been known that a multitude of advantages are associated with the collection and analysis of repeated measures data; indeed,(More)
BACKGROUND Migraine-related nausea is associated with significant disability, increased burden of disease, and personal distress. Nausea can lead to delays or avoidance of initiating oral migraine treatment, sometimes resulting in treatment failures and poor outcomes. Nausea is often a symptom of migraine, but nausea may also be a consequence of treatment(More)
The current study demonstrates the application of an analytic approach for incorporating multiple time trends in order to examine the impact of cohort effects on individual trajectories of eight drugs of abuse. Parallel analysis of two independent, longitudinal studies of high-risk youth that span ages 10 to 40 across 23 birth cohorts between 1968 and 1991(More)
BACKGROUND Fast relief of migraine pain, associated symptoms, and migraine-related disability are priorities in the acute treatment of migraine. Efforts to improve the pharmacokinetic profiles of acute migraine treatments with the aim of providing faster relief include the development of non-oral routes of administration. AVP-825 (ONZETRA® Xsail® ) is a(More)
s The Journal of Pain S93 discomfort at patient’s painful area. Continuous RFA of dorsal root ganglion (DRG) at T9 and 10 was then performed. Finally, under real-time fluoroscopy in AP view, 0.5mL contrast was injected at T9; epidural spread was observed without intravascular or intrathecal uptake. Injectate of 1mL dexamethasone 4mg/mL and 1mL lidocaine 1%(More)