James S. Lipscomb

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A multi-user Virtual World has been implemented combining a flexible-object simulator with a multisensory user interface, including hand motion and gestures, speech input and output, sound output, and 3-D stereoscopic graphics with head-motion parallax. The implementation is based on a distributed client/server architecture with a centralized Dialogue(More)
Subimage motion in a three-dimensional computer graphic system is much easier for the user to control if the subimage moves the same direction as his hand while he manipulates the control device. The implementation of such coordinated motion of hand and subimage implies modification of the normal procedure for calculating transformations. The convenience of(More)
HotMedia is a novel scalable solution for delivering interactive rich media over the internet. It is a delivery-suitable file format that can contain heterogeneous compositions of media bit streams as well as meta-data that define the behavior, composition, and interaction semantics. This enables the creation of lightweight single-file representations of(More)
Virtual Worlds are interactive three-dimensional computer-generated multi-sensory environments where people interact with the computer as they would with the real world. The motivation is to create a human-computer interface that is more natural and intuitive. Real-time computer conferencing enables two or more people to work and interact in a coordinated(More)
PDA-like devices have capable hardware and software and are becoming enabled for mobile communication. We analyze the viability of building a mobile video system (MVS) for them with current commercial techniques, and we analyze video communication patterns for the devices. Then, we propose a mobile video system design infrastructure and an algorithm to(More)