James S. Jennings

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In (Donald 1995), we described a manipulation task for cooperating mobile robots that can push large, heavy objects. There, we asked whether explicit local and global communication between the agents can be removed from a family of pushing protocols. In this article, we answer in the affirmative. We do so by using the general methods of (Donald 1995),(More)
Minimalism pursues the following agenda: For a given robotics task, nd the minimal con guration of resources required to solve the task. Thus, minimalism attempts to reduce the resource signature for a task, in the same way that (say) Stealth technology decreases the radar signature of an aircraft. Minimalism is interesting because doing task A without(More)
We have designed and implemented multi agent strategies for manipulation tasks by distributing mechanically based sequential algorithms across sev eral autonomous spatially separated agents such as mobile robots Our experience using mobile robots for the manipulation of large objects couches boxes le cabinets etc leads us to recommend a minimalist(More)
Data from species other than cattle indicate that ghrelin and GH secretagogue receptor (GHS-R) could play a key role in fat deposition, energy homeostasis, or glucose metabolism by directly affecting liver and adipose tissue metabolism. Beef steers (n = 72) were used to test the hypothesis that plasma ghrelin and leptin concentrations and abundance of the(More)
Seven ruminally cannulated crossbred steers (BW = 720 ± 62 kg) were used in a randomized crossover design (4 periods, each 18 d) to evaluate in vivo rumen characteristics and apparent digestibility of steers consuming low-quality prairie hay and 1 of 4 isonitrogenous protein supplements. Treatments included 1) 40% CP (DM basis) cottonseed meal and wheat(More)
Previous research demonstrated increased plasma ghrelin concentrations in beef cattle when intake of a high-grain diet was restricted. Two experiments were conducted to determine whether differences in DMI influenced plasma ghrelin concentrations when energy intake was similar but cattle were in either an anabolic or a catabolic state. In Exp. 1, five(More)