James S. Hodges

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OBJECTIVES This study was designed to define more completely the clinical spectrum and consequences of stress cardiomyopathy (SC) beyond the acute event. BACKGROUND Stress cardiomyopathy is a recently recognized condition characterized by transient cardiac dysfunction with ventricular ballooning. METHODS Clinical profile and outcome were prospectively(More)
This article describes the system for rating the quality of medical evidence developed and used during creation of the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research-sponsored heart failure guideline. Previous approaches to rating evidence were not designed for use in the setting of clinical practice guidelines. The present system is based on the tenet that(More)
Previous studies in our laboratory have demonstrated that cannabinoids administered intravenously attenuate the duration of nocifensive behavior and block the development of hyperalgesia produced by intraplantar injection of capsaicin. In the present study, we extended these observations and determined whether cannabinoids attenuate capsaicin-evoked pain(More)
Controversy has evolved over the most practical and effective strategy for preparticipation cardiovascular screening of competitive athletes to detect unsuspected cardiovascular disease and prevent sudden death on the athletic field. Athlete screening in the Veneto region of Italy is part of a national program (with 12-lead electrocardiography) that has(More)
Disease-mapping models for areal data often have fixed effects to measure the effect of spatially varying covariates and random effects with a conditionally autoregressive (CAR) prior to account for spatial clustering. In such spatial regressions, the objective may be to estimate the fixed effects while accounting for the spatial correlation. But adding the(More)
Many statisticians have had the experience of fitting a linear model with uncorrelated errors, then adding a spatiallycorrelated error term (random effect) and finding that the estimates of the fixed-effect coefficients have changed substantially. We show that adding a spatially-correlated error term to a linear model is equivalent to adding a saturated(More)
PURPOSE This pilot study was conducted to estimate the prevalence of self-reported toothache, bleeding gums and oral ulcer experiences, reasons for dental visits and associated sociodemographic factors among adults living in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. MATERIALS AND METHODS This cross-sectional study was based on a convenience sample in an urban(More)
The present study provides in vivo trials of poly(L-lactic acid) (PLLA) as a porous biodegradable nerve conduit using a 10 mm sciatic nerve defect model in rats. The PLLA conduits, fabricated by an extrusion technique, had an inner diameter of 1.6 mm, an outer diameter of 3.2 mm, and a length of 12 mm. They were highly porous with an interconnected pore(More)
Highland areas where malaria transmission is unstable are targets for malaria elimination because transmission decreases to low levels during the dry season. In highland areas of Kipsamoite and Kapsisiywa, Kenya (population approximately 7,400 persons), annual household indoor residual spraying with a synthetic pyrethroid was performed starting in 2005, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine evidence-based quality indicators (QIs) in US veterans with gout diagnosis, and to examine the effect of demographics, heath care utilization/access, comorbid conditions, or physican characteristics as predictors of quality of gout care. METHODS Using the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs electronic medical record system, we identified a(More)