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  • Paul S Adler, Seok-Woo Kwon, Tom Cum-Mings, Roberto Fernandez, Charlie Galunic, Barbara Law-Rence +11 others
  • 2008
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Notwithstanding the considerable attention private equity receives, there continues to be substantial confusion about what private equity does and whether this creates value. Calls for more aggressive regulation of the industry reflect a skeptical view of private equity as—at best—a zero-sum game, in which profits are generated only at the expense of other(More)
  • Jennifer Watling, Neal, Susan Olzak, Nicole Kangas, Cynthia Fabrizio Pelak, Valerie Jenness +13 others
  • 2008
Contemporary Sociology, the ASA journal of reviews, provides readers access to the most significant books recently published by sociologists and related social scientists. Contemporary Sociology is a valuable guide for keeping scholars informed of the work done by and for sociologists. Major controversies or new areas of inquiry in sociology are brought to(More)
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