James Russell

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Although psychologists study both the objective (behavior) and the subjective (phenomenology) components of cognition, we argue that an overemphasis on the subjective drives a wedge between psychology and other closely related scientific disciplines, such as comparative studies of cognition and artificial intelligence. This wedge is particularly apparent in(More)
The seeds of Unix and open source were sown in the 1970s, andSam Leffler was right in there doing some of the heaviestcultivating. He has been actively working with Unix since 1976 whenhe first encountered it at Case Western Reserve University, and hehas been involved with what people now think of as open source, ashe says, "long before it was even termed(More)
The explosive emergence of the Internet forces us to rethink the traditional roles for client, server, and objects. Component technology has emerged as the way objects and frameworks are packaged for flexible object integration. In particular, components allow users who are not programmers to do their own integration. Up until now, components have mainly(More)
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