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Eye-typing performance results are reported from controlled studies comparing an on-screen keyboard and Eye Write, a new on-screen gestural input alternative. Results from the first pilot study suggest the presence of a learning curve that novice users must overcome in order to gain proficiency in EyeWrite's use (requiring practice with its letter-like(More)
Rats were treated continuously with either haloperidol (HAL), clozapine (CLOZ) or tap water for one year. There were no differences between age-matched control and antipsychotic drug (APD) treated groups regarding the effects of the D1-agonist (+)-SKF 38393 or the D2-agonist quinpirole on striatal cAMP content. However, the combination of SKF (10 microM)(More)
The effects of the muscarinic agonist carbachol and the D2 dopaminergic agonist quinpirole on phosphoinositide hydrolysis were studied in the corpus striatum of rats which had been treated for one year with either haloperidol or clozapine. In the presence of LiCl, carbachol increased the accumulation of inositol monophosphate (greater than 100%) and(More)
The effects of D1 and D2 dopamine receptor agonists on phosphoinositide hydrolysis were studied by measuring the accumulation of radioactive inositol phosphates in slices of rat corpus striatum prelabelled with [3H]inositol. All assays were performed in the presence of lithium. Neither the D1 receptor agonist SKF 38393 nor the D2 receptor agonist(More)
The dramatic shift in the nature, place and organization of working life, as well as the sophistication of information technologies employed in work, have prompted a trans-disciplinary team to develop an intelligent environment supporting increasingly digital lifestyles. This " Animated Work Environment " (AWE) is envisioned less as a design product and(More)
While single-user computing via the Internet has established a powerful global link between people, it offers little to individuals working intensively and collaboratively with an array of tools, documents and materials in one physical space. This shortcoming in the everyday employment of Information Technology (IT) has prompted the architect-author to(More)
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