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Ectopic thyroid tissue can be found anywhere between the foramen cecum and the normal position of the thyroid gland. Although very uncommon, it is most often found in the region of the foramen cecum, in patients in whom the gland fails to descend. Extralingual thyroid tissue is most commonly located in the anterior cervical area, the region of the(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate whether vitreous surgery is successful in closing full-thickness traumatic macular holes and whether there is subsequent improvement in visual acuity. METHODS Twelve eyes from 12 consecutive patients with traumatic macular holes underwent vitrectomy, fluid-gas exchange and instillation of bovine or recombinant transforming growth(More)
The UK government sees increasing individual preparedness as a priority, but the level of preparedness of people in the UK for a large-scale emergency is not known. The London bombings of July 7, 2005, affected many Londoners and may have altered their sense of vulnerability to a future terrorist attack. We used a longitudinal study design to assess(More)
PURPOSE Vitreous fluid that remains trapped in the peripheral vitreous cavity after vitrectomy with fluid-air exchange can result in a smaller than desired intravitreal gas bubble size. To evaluate the effectiveness of a single fluid-air exchange in dehydrating the vitreous cavity, we measured the rate and volume of posterior vitreous fluid migration after(More)
AIMS A 70-year-old woman presented with metastatic psammoma body-rich papillary carcinoma in a supraclavicular lymph node. No primary site was evident. The tumour showed strong staining for CA125 and weak staining for thyroglobulin. Prompted by this case we aimed to assess the reliability of immunostaining for CA125 and thyroglobulin in making the(More)