James Ron

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  • Emilie M+ Hafner-Burton, I Thank, Chris Achen, Larry Bartels, Jiehua Chen, David Cingranelli +27 others
  • 2008
" Naming and shaming " is a popular strategy to enforce international human rights norms and laws+ Nongovernmental organizations, news media, and international organizations publicize countries' violations and urge reform+ Evidence that these spotlights are followed by improvements is anecdotal+ This article analyzes the relationship between global naming(More)
Although epidemiology is increasingly contributing to policy debates on issues of conflict and human rights, its potential is still underutilized. As a result, this article calls for greater collaboration between public health researchers, conflict analysts and human rights monitors, with special emphasis on retrospective, population-based surveys. The(More)
Media attention is unevenly allocated across global human rights problems, prompting anger, frustration, and recrimination in the international system. This article demonstrates that from 1981 to 2000, three leading Anglo-American media sources disproportionately covered Latin American abuses, in human rights terms, as compared to other world regions. This(More)
More than ever before, human rights rhetoric is sweeping across the landscape of world politics. The trend began in the 1970s, picked up speed after the Cold War ended in the late 1980s, and quickened again in the latter half of the 1990s. Despite this convergence of language , results are mixed, variable, and sometimes illusive. In this special issue of(More)
  • Tim Büthe, Solomon Major, André De Mello, E Souza, Deborah Avant, Sarah Blodgett Bermeo +40 others
  • 2009
Feel free to cite, but cite for now as "unpublished manuscript" Please check with corresponding author for final text if using direct quotes. ABSTRACT: Transnational NGOs allocate a large and increasing share of international development aid, much of it from non-governmental sources. Yet, we know not even how this private aid is distributed across recipient(More)
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