James R. Steggles

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A homologue of the Bacillus subtilis fur gene was identified in Bacillus cereus and characterized. The predicted amino acid sequence of the cloned gene was found to be highly similar to other members of the Fur family of transcriptional regulators. The B. cereus fur gene was shown to partially complement an Escherichia coli fur mutant. Purified B. cereus(More)
Sequence analysis of a virulence-attenuated Bacillus thuringiensis signature tagged mutant 6F8 led to the identification of an 18 182 bp locus encoding 29 potential protein-coding ORFs. Thirteen of the 29 putative ORFs were found to share extensive homology with genes on plasmid pE33L466 of the pathogenic Bacillus cereus E33L strain. Nine ORFs were not only(More)
Transposon Tn917 was used to identify Bacillus thuringiensis genes required for virulence and survival in a Manduca sexta (tobacco hornworm) septicaemia model. Uniquely tagged transposons, n = 72, were constructed and used to generate 1152 insertion mutants. Sixteen pools of 72 mutants were screened in the infection model, and 12 virulence-attenuated(More)
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