James R. Slagle

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To prove really difficult theorems, resolution principle programs need to make better inferences and to make them faster. An approach is presented for taking advantage of the structure of some special theories. These are theories with simplifiers, commutativity, and associativity, which are valuable concepts to build in, since they so frequently occur in(More)
As an investigation in artificial intelligence, computer experiments on deductive question-answering were run with a LISP program called DEDUCOM, an acronym for DEDUctive COMmunicator. When given 68 facts, DEDUCOM answered 10 questions answerable from the facts. A fact tells DEDUCOM either some specific information or a method of answering a general kind of(More)
A large high-speed general-purpose digital computer (IBM 7090) was Programmed to solve elementary symbolic integration problems at approximately the level of a good college freshman. The program is called SAINT, an acronym for "Symbolic Automatic INTegrator." The SAINT program is written in LISP (McCarthy, 1960), and most of the work reported here Js the(More)