James R. Slagle

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We describe an expert system for resource allocation in a particular military domain. The system incorporates variants of several important techniques of artificial intelligence and makes the first use of the Merit system for question selection. This technique enables the system to direct the acquisition of information by finding questions with a high ratio(More)
This paper presents an application of a connec-tionist control-learning system designed for use on an autonomous mini-robot. This system was formerly shown to form useful two-dimensional mappings rapidly when applied to backing a car with a single trailer. In the current paper the learning system is extended to three dimensions and applied to a similar but(More)
This paper presents the application of a connection-ist control-learning system to an autonomous mini-robot. The system's design is severely constrained by the computing power and memory available on board the mini-robot and the on-board training time is greatly limited by the short life of the battery. The system is capable of rapid unsupervised learning(More)
We describe the design, functionality, and implementation of a data ow query language (DFQL), that graphically represents a query as a directed acyclic data ow graph. The language is well suited for application domains such as scientiic databases, where data analysis and visualization need to be tightly coupled with data retrieval, and the relationships(More)