James R. Sawusch

Constance M Clarke-Davidson1
Pg Newman1
Thomas E Welch1
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Recent studies show that perceptual boundaries between phonetic categories are changeable with training (Norris, McQueen, & Cutler, 2003). For example, Kraljic and Samuel (2005) exposed listeners in a lexical decision task to ambiguous /s-integral/ sounds in either s-word contexts (e.g., legacy) or integral-word contexts (e.g., parachute). In a subsequent(More)
In an attempt to test whether experience with or knowledge of language is necessary to show typical speaking rate effects in the perception of speech, budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus) and humans categorized stimuli from the synthetic continua /ba/-/wa/ and /bas/-/was/, with both short and long syllable-final phonemes. This comparative approach aims to(More)
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