James R. Riha

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[1] Dissolved CO 2 dynamics in stormflow and event water versus preevent water contributions to storm hydrographs were assessed in a forested headwater catchment of the Brazilian Amazon using high-frequency data. We applied the transfer function hydrograph separation model (TRANSEP) using specific conductance as a conservative tracer, finding preevent water(More)
A pattern analysis approach to the detection of auditory evoked potentials in the EEG is reported. Pattern aspects of individual post-stimulus responses have been examined first through their correlation coefficients using the suprathreshold average evoked potential as a reference pattern, and second by the ensemble distribution of phase values of Fourier(More)
Genetic relationships and population structure of 8 horse breeds in the Czech and Slovak Republics were investigated using classification methods for breed discrimination. To demonstrate genetic differences among these breeds, we used genetic information - genotype data of microsatellite markers and classification algorithms - to perform a probabilistic(More)
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