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We study the problem of stable scheduling for a class of wireless networks. The goal is to stabilize the queues holding information to be transmitted over a fading channel. Few assumptions are made on the arrival process statistics other than the assumption that their mean values lie within the capacity region and that they satisfy a version of the law of(More)
Transient interactions, which involve protein interactions that are formed and broken easily, are important in many aspects of cellular function. Here we describe structural and functional properties of transient interactions between globular domains and between globular domains, short peptides, and disordered regions. The importance of posttranslational(More)
— We consider wireless networks with interference constraints. The network consists of a set of links and a set of users who generate packets that traverse these links. Each user is associated with a route consisting of a sequence of links. The links are subject to the usual interference constraints: (i) if link l interferes with link k, then link k also(More)
To examine the role of small RNAs in peripheral pain pathways, we deleted the enzyme Dicer in mouse postmitotic damage-sensing neurons. We used a Nav1.8-Cre mouse to target those nociceptors important for inflammatory pain. The conditional null mice were healthy with a normal number of sensory neurons and normal acute pain thresholds. Behavioral studies(More)
Ultraviolet-B (UVB)-induced inflammation produces a dose-dependent mechanical and thermal hyperalgesia in both humans and rats, most likely via inflammatory mediators acting at the site of injury. Previous work has shown that the gene expression of cytokines and chemokines is positively correlated between species and that these factors can contribute to(More)
Neuregulin 1 acts as an axonal signal that regulates multiple aspects of Schwann cell development including the survival and migration of Schwann cell precursors, the ensheathment of axons and subsequent elaboration of the myelin sheath. To examine the role of this factor in remyelination and repair following nerve injury, we ablated neuregulin 1 in the(More)
We consider a manufacturing system producing several part{types on several machines. Raw parts are input to the system. Each unit of a given part{type requires a predetermined processing time at each of several machines, in a given order. A setup time is required whenever a machine switches from processing one part{type to another. For a single machine(More)
Hundreds of genes are proposed to contribute to nociception and pain perception. Historically, most studies of pain-related genes have examined them in isolation or alongside a handful of other genes. More recently the use of systems biology techniques has enabled us to study genes in the context of the biological pathways and networks in which they(More)
HIV-associated sensory neuropathy (HIV-SN) is a frequent complication of HIV infection and a major source of morbidity. A cross-sectional deep profiling study examining HIV-SN was conducted in people living with HIV in a high resource setting using a battery of measures which included the following: parameters of pain and sensory symptoms (7day pain diary,(More)