James R Partridge

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While structural symmetry is a prevailing feature of homo-oligomeric proteins, asymmetry provides unique mechanistic opportunities. We present the crystal structure of full-length TRAP1, the mitochondrial Hsp90 molecular chaperone, in a catalytically active closed state. The TRAP1 homodimer adopts a distinct, asymmetric conformation, where one protomer is(More)
Hsp90 is a conserved chaperone that facilitates protein homeostasis. Our crystal structure of the mitochondrial Hsp90, TRAP1, revealed an extension of the N-terminal β-strand previously shown to cross between protomers in the closed state. In this study, we address the regulatory function of this extension or 'strap' and demonstrate its responsibility for(More)
Described is the synthesis of three different fluorescein-tagged derivatives of a macrocycle, and their binding affinity to heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90). Using fluorescence polarization anisotropy, we report the binding affinity of these fluorescein-labeled compounds to Hsp90 in its open state and ATP-dependent closed state. We show that the compounds(More)
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