James R. Oliphant

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A miniature ion trap mass analyzer is reported. The described analyzer is a 1/5-scale version of a previously reported toroidal radio frequency (rf) ion trap mass analyzer. The toroidal ion trap operates with maximum rf trapping voltages about 1 kVp-p or less; however despite the reduced dimensions, it retains roughly the same ion trapping capacity as(More)
Many recent advances in biology and medicine have resulted from DNA sequence alignment algorithms and technology. Traditional approaches for the matching of DNA sequences are based either on global alignment schemes or heuristic schemes that seek to approximate global alignment algorithms while providing higher computational efficiency. This report(More)
Correction of burn alopecia using tissue expansion has recently gained acceptance. Yet, the technical approach to correction of this problem remains one of trial and error. Between January 1985 and December 1988, 102 children underwent placement of tissue expanders for correction of burn alopecia. Two hundred twenty-two expanders were placed during the 178(More)
Free flaps are usually the first choice for soft tissue coverage in the distal leg. There continue to be, however, some clinical situations in which a cross-leg flap is the best choice. Use of the cross-leg flap has previously been limited by the difficulty of immobilizing both legs during the early healing stage (2 to 3 weeks). The traditional plaster(More)
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