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The second edition of this book contains five new chapters introducing renewable energy, wind, solar, energy storage, and the smart grid. In addition, the second edition uses MATLAB to recalculate and check the accuracy of the valuable and informative examples provided throughout. The text is an excellent text for a five-credit hour course at an engineering(More)
The localization of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in the optic lobe in the developing chick embryo was studied histochemically and biochemically. The histochemical reaction of AChE increased remarkably between stage 42 and 44 especially in the neuropile. The increase of the biochemical activity of the AChE in the synaptic membrane fraction occurred at a later(More)
Leydig cell tumours deriving from the gonadal stroma represent one per cent of all testicular tumours. They may occur at any age. Ten per cent of cases are malignant. There is no evidence that they are prone to develop in undescended testis. We report the rare case of leydigioma in 71 year old man with unilateral cryptorchidism. Only a few cases have been(More)
The third edition of this text on electric machinery has reference-frame theory at its core, the reviewer states, and is recommended for "those with a need for electric machinery modeling and simulation." Analysis of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems, Third Edition by Paul Krause, Oleg Wasynczuk, Scott Sudhoff, and Steven Pekarek. Analysis is a word that(More)
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