James R. McDonald

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Fault diagnosis within electrical power systems is a time consuming and complex task. SCADA systems, digital fault recorders, travelling wave fault locators and other monitoring devices are drawn upon to inform the engineers of incidents, problems and faults. Extensive research by the authors has led to the conclusion that there are two issues which must be(More)
In most field environments, unexploded ordnance (UXO) items are found among extensive surface and subsurface clutter and shrapnel from ordnance. Traditional algorithms for UXO remediation experience severe difficulty distinguishing buried targets from anthropic clutter. Furthermore, naturally occurring magnetic geologic noise often adds to the complexity of(More)
Oxygen uptake kinetics (τVO2) are slowed when exercise is initiated from a raised metabolic rate. Whether this reflects the recruitment of muscle fibres differing in oxidative capacity, or slowed blood flow (Q) kinetics is unclear. This study determined τVO2 in canine muscle in situ, with experimental control over muscle activation and Q during contractions(More)
This paper describes the method by which a large hardware-in-the-loop environment has been realized for threephase ac power systems. The environment allows an entire laboratory power-network topology (generators, loads, controls, protection devices, and switches) to be placed in the loop of a large power-network simulation. The system is realized by using a(More)