James R Killeen

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We examined the evolutionary response of wing area (a trait highly correlated with other measures of body size) to relative humidity (RH), temperature, and their interaction in Drosophila melanogaster, using replicated lines that had been allowed to evolve at low or high humidity at 18 degrees C or at 25 degrees C. We found that after 20 weeks of selection(More)
Most insertional mutagenesis screens of Drosophila performed to date have not used target chromosomes that have been checked for their suitability for phenotypic screens for viable phenotypes. To address this, we have generated a selection of stocks carrying either isogenized second chromosomes or isogenized third chromosomes, in a genetic background(More)
Forty-seven cases of neonatal vertebral fractures/luxations occurred in a 21 year period (1967-1987). All of the fractures were located between the 11th thoracic vertebra and the fourth lumbar vertebra; 77% occurred at the thoracolumbar junction. All but one case was associated with a forced extraction, either unspecified (53%), mechanical (28%), or manual(More)
Myogenesis and neural development were examined in the myotomes of trout (Salmo trutta L.) embryos reared at 2, 6 and 10 degrees C. The relative timings of myotube and muscle fibre formation were similar, with respect to somite stage, at all three temperatures. Myogenesis was seen to begin medially, adjacent to the notochord, and also in separate zones(More)
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