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OBJECTIVE We sought cognitive event-related potential (ERP) biomarkers of disease progression and subsequent conversion to dementia in mild cognitive impairment (MCI). BACKGROUND Two ERP components, the P600 and N400, are sensitive to abnormal episodic/declarative memory and semantic processing. When congruous category-exemplars are repeated, smaller(More)
The P3a event-related brain potential (ERP) was elicited using a visual three-stimulus oddball paradigm (target, standard, distracter) in which participants responded only to the target. Discrimination task difficulty between the target and the standard was manipulated by varying the size of the standard stimulus circle relative to a constant target(More)
Neural circuits mediating repetition effect for semantically congruous words on functional MRI were investigated in seventeen normal elderly (mean age=70). Participants determined if written words were semantically congruent (50% probability) with spoken statements. Subsequent cued-recall revealed robust explicit memory only for congruous items (83% versus(More)
BACKGROUND This study maps the course of the lesser occipital nerve and its potential compression sites in the posterior scalp. METHODS Twenty sides of 10 fresh cadaveric heads were dissected. Two fixed anatomical landmarks were used: the y axis was the vertical midline in the posterior scalp through the midline of the cervical spine. The x axis was a(More)
Many more patients would benefit from vascularized composite allotransplantation if less toxic and safer immunosuppressive protocols will become available. Tolerance induction protocols with donor cells co-transplantation are one of the promising pathways to reduce maintenance immunosupressive regimens. We investigated the role of donor bone marrow cells(More)
BACKGROUND Electrospun nanofibers have widespread putative applications in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. When compared to naturally occurring collagen matrices, electrospun nanofiber scaffolds have two distinct advantages: they do not induce a foreign body reaction and they are not at risk for biological contamination. However,(More)
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