James R Frost

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We previously reported that the cytosolic phospholipase A(2) (cPLA2) pathway is involved in ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI) produced by high peak inflation pressures (PIP) (J Appl Physiol 98: 1264-1271, 2005), but the relative contributions of the various downstream products of cPLA2 on the acute permeability response were not determined. Therefore,(More)
Endothelial phenotypes derived from different pulmonary vascular segments have markedly different permeability response to inflammatory agonists, but their responses to mechanical strain have not been characterized. Therefore, we evaluated the effect of cyclical stretch on cell shape, cell membrane wounding, and junctional beta-catenin in rat pulmonary(More)
Spirocyclic oxindoles undergo an enantioselective oxygenation reaction (nine examples; e.r. up to 97:3) upon catalysis by a chiral ruthenium porphyrin complex (1 mol %). The catalyst exhibits a lactam ring, which is responsible for substrate association through hydrogen bonds, and an active ruthenium center, which is in a defined spatial relationship to the(More)
On Sunday 1st May 2016, 104 chemists made their way to the picturesque town of Brunnen, located on the banks of the Vierwalstättersee (Lake Lucerne) to participate in the 51st EUCHEM conference on stereochemistry. This conference, commonly known as ‘Bürgenstock’, is internationally recognised as one of the most preeminent meetings in the scientific(More)
Photochemical isomerization in sterically crowded chiral alkenes is the driving force for molecular rotary motors in nanoscale machines. Here the excited-state dynamics and structural evolution of the prototypical light-driven rotary motor are followed on the ultrafast time scale by femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy (FSRS) and transient absorption(More)
Since their isolation almost 20 years ago, the callipeltosides have been of long standing interest to the synthetic community owing to their unique structural features and inherent biological activity. Herein we present our full research effort that has led to the synthesis of these molecules. Key aspects of our final strategy include 1) synthesis of the(More)
The application of an iridium-catalyzed hydrogen borrowing process to enable the formation of α-branched ketones with higher alcohols is described. In order to facilitate this reaction, ortho-disubstituted phenyl and cyclopropyl ketones were recognized as crucial structural motifs for C-C bond formation. Having optimized the key catalysis step, the(More)