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STUDY OBJECTIVE Actigraphy, a method of inferring sleep from the presence or absence of wrist movement, has been well validated against polysomnography in trials with people without insomnia. However, the small amount of literature on validation with insomniacs has revealed an actigraphy bias toward overscoring sleep. The current validation trial with(More)
BACKGROUND Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for treatment of osteoid osteoma is effective and avoids the potential complications of open surgical resection. This study evaluates the efficacy of RFA at a single tertiary-care pediatric hospital and highlights an important complication. MATERIALS AND METHODS The medical records of 21 cases of RFA(More)
AIMS We aim to review the results, complications and outcomes of a single surgeon's series of lower limb lengthening in patients with achondroplasia. METHODS Ten achondroplastic children underwent limb lengthening. The patients, medical records and radiographs were reviewed. RESULTS The average age at the time of the index operation was 7.8 years. A(More)
Acute compartment syndrome (ACS) is a surgical emergency warranting prompt evaluation and treatment. It can occur with any elevation in interstitial pressure in a closed osseo-fascial compartment. Resultant ischaemic damage may be irreversible within six hours and can result in long-term morbidity and even death. The diagnosis is largely clinical with the(More)
With the increased use of metal-on-metal as a bearing surface, complications and side effects are being recognised more frequently. We present a small series of a previously unreported complication, which appears specific to metal-on-metal bearing surface arthroplasties: three cases of infection in the presence of local metal debris and histological(More)
Limited literature is available on the reconstruction of the distal radius using prosthetic replacement following resection of a bone tumour. We present the first reported case, in the English literature, of the use of an entirely metal endoprosthesis for the reconstruction of the distal radius. This case involves a 66-year-old male who was treated for(More)
Rotator cuff disease is becoming more prevalent and is a significant source of pain and disability. Current methods of treating rotator cuff dysfunction have inconsistent results and there is a high rate of recurrent tear and failure. This has prompted the search for novel solutions and the use of tissue engineered strategies and approaches. This article(More)
PURPOSE Latissimus dorsi tendon transfers are increasingly being used around the shoulder. We aim to assess any improvement in pain and function following a latissimus dorsi tendon transfer for massive, irreparable postero-superior cuff deficiency. MATERIALS AND METHODS At our institution, between 1996 and 2009, 38 latissimus dorsi tendon transfer(More)
There may be 2 ways to look at person-environment (P-E) fit: the extent to which the environment matches the person (which, in the case of person-job [P-J] fit, we term ideal-job actualization) and the extent to which the person matches the environment (which we term actual-job regard; cf. Hardin & Larsen, 2014). Adults employed full time in the United(More)