James R. Chromy

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CONTEXT The prevalence and distribution of gonococcal and chlamydial infections in the general population are poorly understood. Development of nucleic acid amplification tests, such as the ligase chain reaction assay, provides new opportunities to estimate the prevalence of untreated infections in the population. OBJECTIVE To estimate the overall(More)
Sequential sample selection methods are distinguished from conventional methods in the manner in which random numbers are used to determine the sample. Conventionally, a sample of size n is selected from a sampling frame of N sampling units by selecting n random numbers and mapping then into n of the labels in the sampling frame. Sequential methods require(More)
The Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS) has been used by policymakers and research analysts to provide information on a wide array of topics about the Medicare Program. Nonresponse bias is potentially one of the most important threats to the validity of the estimates from the MCBS. In this article we present results of our methodological study that(More)
The fact that survey data are obtained from units selected with complex sample designs needs to be taken into account in the survey analysis: weights need to be used in analyzing survey data and variances of survey estimates need to be computed in a manner that reflects the complex sample design. This chapter outlines the development of weights and their(More)
Trends in reporting of same-gender sex are assessed using data from the 1988-2002 General Social Surveys (Ns = 9,487 males and 12,336 females). Analyses indicate that the reported prevalence of female-female sexual contact increased substantially and monotonically across twentieth-century birth cohorts, rising from 1.6 percent (Standard error [SE] = 0.60)(More)
This study of the hospitalization costs of exposure to air pollution in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania was conducted to determine whether persons exposed to air pollution incurred higher hospital utilization rates and additional costs for treatment. A hospitalization data-base comprising 37,818 total admissions for respiratory, suspect circulatory diseases,(More)
T. vaginalis infection (trichomoniasis) is the most common curable sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the U.S. It is associated with increased HIV risk and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Trichomoniasis surveillance data do not exist for either national or local populations. The Monitoring STIs Survey Program (MSSP) collected survey data and specimens(More)
BACKGROUND This study assesses the impact of Telephone Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interviewing (T-ACASI) on the reporting of sensitive (mainly heterosexual) behaviours. METHODS A randomized experiment was embedded in a telephone survey that drew probability samples of the populations of the USA (N = 1543) and Baltimore city (N = 744). Respondents were(More)
Numerous studies have shown that audio-computer-assisted self-interviewing (audio-CASI) and telephone audio-CASI (T-ACASI) technologies yield increased reporting of sensitive and stigmatized objective phenomena such as sexual and drug use behaviors. Little attention has been given, however, to the impact of these technologies on the measurement of(More)