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Four investigations were carried out to assess the feasibility of using eye movement measures as indices of mental workload. In the first experiment, saccadic extent was measured during free viewing while subjects performed low, moderate and high complexity, auditory tone counting as the workload tasks. The range of saccadic extent decreased significantly(More)
We obtained the electroretinogram (PERG) in three observers to a 4.6 c/deg grating pattern with a sinusoidal luminance profile which was modulated in time simultaneously with two sinusoidal temporal frequencies (f1 and f2), or at a single frequency (either f1 or f2). Input temporal frequency ranged from 2.4 to 7.5 Hz. A pattern modulated in the counterphase(More)
BACKGROUND Considerable evidence exists that some reading-disabled children have disordered visual processing, specifically in the fast processing magnocellular (M) pathway. METHODS The extent that varying luminance and temporal frequency affect amplitude and latency of visual evoked potentials (VEPs) in normally achieving and reading-disabled children(More)
We have studied the relationship between N70 and P100 of the pattern visual evoked potential in 98 patients with multiple sclerosis and in 59 controls. In patients with multiple sclerosis, P100 was either absent or had prolonged latency in 121 eyes (61.7%), while N70 was absent or prolonged in 97 eyes (49.5%). The total number of eyes with either N70 and/or(More)
BACKGROUND Reading disability (RD) is a serious epidemiologic problem and may affect up to 15% to 20% of elementary school children. This study addresses whether the reading comprehension skills of children with RD improve as wavelength and contrast of light are altered. METHODS Fifty-six children, identified as either normal or reading disabled, were(More)
Practice provides a sound foundation in numerical analysis for more specialized topics, such as finite element. 142 pages. Over the years, a number of books have been written on the theory of functional equations. However, very little has been published which helps readers to solve functional. Applications-oriented introduction to variational theory(More)
BACKGROUND This investigation examines the question of whether decreasing wavelength of light and/or reducing luminance benefits oculomotor efficiency in normal and reading disabled (RD) children. METHODS Two groups of children were identified as normal or disabled readers using standardized reading tests. After suitable practice, eye movements were(More)
Visual sensitivity was evaluated in the central 16 degrees of the visual field in normal subjects, in patients with glaucomatous optic neuropathy, in glaucoma suspects, and in eyes of patients with multiple sclerosis without evidence of active optic neuritis. A novel method was used to assess sensitivity called contrast perimetry (CP). CP essentially(More)