James R. Bagley

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A research program based on certain heterocyclic modifications (12-50) of the fentanyl (1) molecule has generated a novel class of opioids. In the mouse hot-plate test, these compounds were weaker analgesics than 1. Two types of antagonists were observed in morphine-treated rabbits: those (e.g., 28) that reversed both respiratory depression and analgesia(More)
Mirfentanil is a fentanyl derivative with non-opioid actions, including non-opioid antinociceptive effects in rhesus monkeys. The current study examined the rate-altering effects of mirfentanil and several other compounds in pigeons to assess: 1) the opioid and non-opioid actions of acutely-administered fentanyl derivatives; and 2) the development of(More)
These studies examined the opioid receptor binding affinities and behavioral effects of several fentanyl derivatives in rhesus monkeys. OHM3295, OHM3296, OHM3326 and OHM3463 displayed high affinity for mu (IC50 = 7-66 nM) as compared to kappa (IC50 = 263-3255 nM) or delta (IC50 = 480-4500 nM) receptors as measured by their ability to displace(More)
This study evaluated gene expression changes in gastrocnemius slow-twitch myosin heavy chain I (MHC I) and fast-twitch (MHC IIa) muscle fibers of collegiate cross-country runners (n = 6, 20±1 y, VO₂max = 70±1 ml•kg-1•min-1) during two distinct training phases. In a controlled environment, runners performed identical 8 kilometer runs (30:18±0:30 min:s, 89±1%(More)
Several fentanyl derivatives have been reported to have novel pharmacologies that might be exploited for developing alternate approaches to the treatment of pain. The purpose of the current series of studies was to evaluate OHM3507, a novel fentanyl derivative reported to have an unusual pharmacological profile in nonprimate species. Similar to several(More)
Three monkeys discriminated 1.78 mg/kg of mirfentanil while responding under a fixed-ratio 5 schedule of stimulus-shock termination. Two mirfentanil derivatives, OHM3295 and OHM10579, substituted for mirfentanil in all subjects. However, other drugs produced variable effects among monkeys; for example, mu and kappa opioid agonists and clonidine substituted(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to determine the influence of intermittent neck cooling during exercise bouts designed to mimic combat sport competitions. Participants (n = 13, age = 25.3 ˘ 5.0 year height = 176.9 ˘ 7.5 cm, mass = 79.3 ˘ 9.0 kg, body fat = 11.8% ˘ 3.1%) performed three trials on a cycle ergometer. Each trial consisted of two, 5-min(More)
Single muscle fiber sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel-electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) is a sensitive technique for determining skeletal muscle myosin heavy chain (MHC) composition of human biopsy samples. However, the number of fibers suitable to represent fiber type distribution via this method is undefined. Muscle biopsies were obtained from the vastus(More)
Ultraendurance open water swimming presents unique physiological challenges. This case study aimed to describe cardiovascular and perceptual responses during a successful solo channel swim. Investigators followed a female swimmer's Catalina Channel (32.2 km) crossing, monitoring water temperature (T(water)) and air temperature (T(air)), distance remaining(More)