James Powers

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Dividing cells need to coordinate the separation of chromosomes with the formation of a cleavage plane. There is evidence that microtubule bundles in the interzone region of the anaphase spindle somehow control both the location and the assembly of the cleavage furrow [1-3]. A microtubule motor that concentrates in the interzone, MKLP1, has previously been(More)
Recent studies have highlighted a group of 4-repeat (4R) tauopathies that are characterised neuropathologically by widespread, globular glial inclusions (GGIs). Tau immunohistochemistry reveals 4R immunoreactive globular oligodendroglial and astrocytic inclusions and the latter are predominantly negative for Gallyas silver staining. These cases are(More)
Holocentric chromosomes assemble kinetochores along their length instead of at a focused spot. The elongated expanse of an individual holocentric kinetochore and its potential flexibility heighten the risk of stable attachment to microtubules from both poles of the mitotic spindle (merotelic attachment), and hence aberrant segregation of chromosomes. Little(More)
3 Abstract—Running MapReduce programs in the cloud introduces this unique problem: how to optimize resource provisioning to minimize the monetary cost or job finish time for a specific job? We study the whole process of MapReduce processing and build up a cost function that explicitly models the relationship among the time cost, the amount of input data,(More)
Increased fatigue is a predictor of morbidity and mortality in older adults. Fatigability defines a change in performance or self-reported fatigue in response to physical activity (PA). However, the relationship of fatigability to PA-related energy expenditure (PAEE) is unknown. Changes in performance, fatigue, and energy expenditure were measured(More)
Large graph datasets have become invaluable assets for studying problems in business applications and scientific research. These datasets, collected and owned by data owners, may also contain privacy-sensitive information. When using public clouds for elastic processing, data owners have to protect both data ownership and privacy from curious cloud(More)
Hosting data query services in public clouds is an attractive solution for its great scalability and significant cost savings. However, data owners also have concerns on data privacy due to the lost control of the infrastructure. This demonstration shows a prototype for efficient and confidential range/kNN query services built on top of the random space(More)
Running MapReduce programs in the cloud introduces the important problem: how to optimize resource provisioning to minimize the financial charge or job finish time for a specific job? An important step towards this ultimate goal is modeling the cost of MapReduce program. In this chapter, we study the whole process of MapReduce processing and build 1