James Phillips

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Geomorphic systems are typically nonlinear, owing largely to their threshold-dominated nature (but due to other factors as well). Nonlinear geomorphic systems may exhibit complex behaviors not possible in linear systems, including dynamical instability and deterministic chaos. The latter are common in geomorphology, indicating that small, short-lived(More)
Side effects occasionally limit the use of bromocriptine for cocaine withdrawal. The recently released medication pergolide shares some pharmacologic properties with bromocriptine but differs in potency and dopamine receptor subtype specificity. The authors tested pergolide in the treatment of 21 patients experiencing cocaine withdrawal. Sixteen patients(More)
BACKGROUND Although rare, portal mesenteric venous thrombosis and pylephlebitis remain potential life-threatening sequelae of ruptured appendicitis in children. Treatment recommendations from recent reports have included urgent exploratory laparotomy with appendectomy, prolonged intravenous antibiotic therapy, and anticoagulation for up to a year. METHODS(More)
Information and Communication Technology can extend the reach of lecturers in time and space. To address factors influencing acceptance of this technology we tracked the relative rates at which university students downloaded simple audio+slide recordings compared to recordings of the videoconferenced versions of the same lecture (video+audio+slide).(More)
We consider the case of a chemically active AFM tip experiencing a bistable potential near a substrate while being driven by a periodic force of frequency Ω. The average position of such a tip traces a hysteretic loop which encircles an area πH(Ω), which can reveal information on the tip-substrate interaction and on tip friction. We model this situation via(More)
The gravity method was the first geophysical technique to be used in oil and gas exploration. Despite being eclipsed by seismology, it has continued to be an important and sometimes crucial constraint in a number of exploration areas. In oil exploration the gravity method is particularly applicable in salt provinces, overthrust and foothills belts,(More)