James Paul Holloway

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We present a high resolution time integration method for the spherical harmonics equations based on the L-Trap method of Duraisamy, et al. This method is equivalent to the Crank-Nicolson method in smooth regions of the solution and changes form in non-smooth regions of the solution to avoid artificial oscillations in the solution. The method is nonlinear in(More)
ii This dissertation is dedicated to my family: my dad, Phil Van Noord my mom, Betty Van Noord and my siblings, spouses and their kids: Also to my fiancée Annabel Cutland. You have been a true blessing through this whole experience. Dedicated foremost to God, you have designed an amazing universe. iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Several people have helped me with this(More)
We present an analytic solution for time-dependent P 1 (telegrapher's equation) radiative transfer. This solution will be useful for verifying spherical harmonics based transport codes and to providing insight into the properties of the P n equations. The solution is for a uniform, isotropic and non-scattering medium that has a heat capacity proportional to(More)