James Paul Holloway

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We present a high resolution time integration method for the spherical harmonics equations based on the L-Trap method of Duraisamy, et al. This method is equivalent to the Crank-Nicolson method in smooth regions of the solution and changes form in non-smooth regions of the solution to avoid artificial oscillations in the solution. The method is nonlinear in(More)
We present an analytic solution for time-dependent P 1 (telegrapher's equation) radiative transfer. This solution will be useful for verifying spherical harmonics based transport codes and to providing insight into the properties of the P n equations. The solution is for a uniform, isotropic and non-scattering medium that has a heat capacity proportional to(More)
We examine an approach to the analysis of reactor control that uses the time-derivative of the reactor power in feedback to determine the control reactivity. The performance of such a controller can be ensured in the asymptotic limit of a small parameter in the controller, leading to two timescales on which the controller can be analyzed. A fast time scale(More)