James Paul Holloway

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We present a high resolution time integration method for the spherical harmonics equations based on the L-Trap method of Duraisamy, et al. This method is equivalent to the Crank-Nicolson method in smooth regions of the solution and changes form in non-smooth regions of the solution to avoid artificial oscillations in the solution. The method is nonlinear in(More)
Hard x-rays from laser-produced hot electrons (>10 keV) in backlit pinhole imagers can give rise to a background signal that decreases signal dynamic range in radiographs. Consequently, significant uncertainties are introduced to the measured optical depth of imaged plasmas. Past experiments have demonstrated that hard x-rays are produced when hot electrons(More)
Monte Carlo methods provide a powerful technique for estimating the average radiation flux in a volume (or across a surface) in cases where analytical solutions may not be possible. Unfortunately, Monte Carlo simulations typically provide only integral results and do not offer any further details about the distribution of the flux with respect to space,(More)